Três 'herois'

Olhem que três mânfios.

Imagem (foto) tirada dentro de uma das tendas pertencente aos sitiantes (Hezbollah) ao parlamento libanês.

Tom G. Palmer opina (nos comentários):
I seriously doubt that Chavez is involved. (The other person, Nasser, is dead, so he's not involved, either.) Charles is right, that Chavez is taken as a symbol of standing up to the U.S., the West, Israel, etc. He's also been quite cozy with Iran (weapons sales, public embraces, etc.), which funds Hezbollah. In the case of the Communist flag, however, there is a Lebanese Communist Party and they are actively supporting Hezbollah's bid for power. Speakers at the rallies have, I am told, regularly mentioned them, as well as Michel Aoun's party and various odd fascist-oriented splinter parties. Lebanese politics is remarkably complicated.
Suponho que o que escreve faz sentido.

Via Tom Palmer.