O nosso outro Cabo S. Vicente

Viva o Sol (ver imagem):
In addition, strong winds perhaps associated with channeling caused by the crater's jagged rim may have contributed to deck-cleaning events for Opportunity. On two separate occasions, sols 1153 (April 22, 2007) and 1158 (April 27, 2007), the solar array power increased significantly. In fact, the power level of 848 watt-hours, reached on sol 1160 (April 29, 2007), was the highest measured since about sol 300 (Nov. 26, 2004), early in the mission. (A watt-hour is the amount of power needed to light a 100-watt bulb for one hour.)

Há um erro no texto original (a castanho): 100 watt-hora é a potência necessária para alimentar uma lâmpara de 100 watt durante uma hora.