Das crenças

Também aqui há malta em sarilhos por causa das "crenças" [sublinhado meu].
The report concludes BBC staff must be more willing to challenge their own beliefs.

“There is a tendency to 'group think’ with too many staff inhabiting a shared space and comfort zone.”

[...] says coverage of Live 8, the 2005 anti-poverty concerts organised by rock star campaigners Bob Geldof and Bono and writer Richard Curtis, failed to properly debate the issues raised.

During the seminar a senior BBC reporter criticised the corporation for being anti-American.

“Impartiality is no excuse for insipid programming. It allows room for fair-minded, evidence-based judgements by senior journalists and documentary-makers, and for controversial, passionate and polemical arguments by contributors and writers.”

“This report is about looking forward and how we are going to face the challenges of impartiality in the modern world.”
[Via O Insurgente]